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What Causes Chronic Pain?

Poor Posture

According fo a study, a significant 69% of office workers in Malaysia are susceptible to developing chronic neck, shoulder, and back stiffness or pain. This condition frequently results from maintaining poor posture during prolonged computer use. Such a situation can lead to reduced mobility, fatigue, and lowered productivity due to the discomfort experienced.


Over 50% of Malaysians are classified as overweight, and one in five are considered obese, according to statistics. Obesity can result in nerve ‘compression and is a significant risk factor for developing osteoarthritis. Both conditions can lead to chronic muscle and joint pain.

Sports Injury

Research indicates that athletes are susceptible to a significant incidence of injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize measures to prevent injuries and provide post-injury rehabilitation. Athletes commonly experience sports injuries such as ACL Tears, Partial Meniscus Tears, Muscle Strains, and Muscle Pains.


As many as 20% of elderly Malaysians may experience Osteoarthritis (OA), according to research. OA often leads fo knee stiffness, pain, and mobility difficulties. Consequently, even routine activities like walking or climbing a flight of stairs can become painful and challenging.

Healife's Pain-Relief Package

Pain Realief Package

RM 499
  • 6x Electrotherapy Treatment
  • 6x Theragun Massage
  • 6x Sliding Cupping Treatment
  • Full Physio Assesment
  • InBody Analysis
10 Minutes
X6 Electrotherapy Treatments

Manual therapy massage treatments are a form of therapeutic massage that involve the manipulation of soft tissues, joints, and muscles with the hands and fingers. Manual therapy massage can help to alleviate pain and tension in the body

15 Minutes
X6 Theragun Massage

Theragun massage, also known as percussive therapy or percussive massage, is a type of deep tissue massage that uses a handheld massage gun to apply rapid, powerful pulses of pressure to the muscles. The pulses of pressure are designed to penetrate deep into the muscles, breaking up tension and promoting relaxation.

15 Minutes
X6 Sliding Cupping Treatment

Sliding cupping treatment is a form of therapy that involves the use of special cups that are placed on the skin and then moved or slid along the surface of the body. The sliding motion of the cups can help to stimulate circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation.

Physio Assessment

A physioassesment done by one of our experienced therapists.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Immediate Pain Relief (Endorphins Released)
  • Less Risk of Injury
  • Educate Yourself
  • Faster Healing Process
  • Improved Blood Flow

Limited Time Trial Offer

Pain Relief Trial Session

Offer only applicable to new patients
RM 99
  • For a limited time only, try out the

Why Healife?


Healife integrates 4 schools of medicine to take the best of all worlds. Combining both traditional and modern treatments to suit your needs.

High Standard Center

We take pride in our high standards of safety and hygiene: each needle is sterilized and disposed immediately, we follow the regulations as per the ministry of health for needle depth and we employ only experienced practitioners to ensure your comfort.

Proffesional Team

We only employ professionals with proper medical background. We honour modern medicine and maintain a medical history for each patient and refer back to clinics and hospitals when needed.

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My muscles felt really stimulated after the session i could feel the burn - in a good way.


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