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juman alqaisi
juman alqaisi
Great service Thank you so much
Manuel Receveau-Stora
Manuel Receveau-Stora
Great team and fantastic service. Went there with a painful shoulder and the physiotherapist did wonders. I decided to go back for other treatments. Highly recommend.
Beh HTing
Beh HTing
friendly staffs, clear instructions are explained with patience
Fathima Rahman
Fathima Rahman
Best hijama clinic and practitioner I’ve been to! Friendly, clean, good discounts on Sunnah days and professional care and advice. Thank you
Jessie Lim
Jessie Lim
Amazing place, was greeted with great service and attitude the moment i walked in, despite being from classpass and coming in for a trial, they did not discriminate me and was very patient with answering all my questions. Great variety of services from physio, fat freezing to gym and dance classes. Recommend.
Sébastien Jungo
Sébastien Jungo
Very professional, friendly and honest. I had only little time to spend in KL and after assessing my needs as well as analysing my body, they recommended me a therapy that was new to me and turned out to be a very pleasant experience. I am glad I called and stopped by your center. Thank you very much!
Izzie Man
Izzie Man
I want to reward myself by taking care of my health after long stressful days at work and found Healife a place that just fits me. It is Muslim friendly and my concern about my ‘aurat’ is well respected. I love the cupping treatment & the LD, which makes me immediately feeling fresh and energetic. Most importantly the friendly staffs, the knowledgeable and caring gym coach and the professional therapist just makes me feeling at home.

What Is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that follows the flow of the body’s lymphatic system to boost the body’s natural draining processes. The lymphatic system drains excess water, proteins, fats and toxics from body tissues down thin tubes (lymph vessels) to the lymph nodes (which can be found in our necks, armpits, and groin). The lymph nodes filter out all the bad stuff, blasting any bacteria or infection with white blood cells, as well as return the fluid to the venous system.

Types Of Lymphatic System

Lymph Vessels: Carry the lymph fluid, the lymph fluid ferries toxins
and waste products to the liver and kidneys, where they are then
safely disposed of by the body.

Lymph Nodes: This network of vessels connects to lymph nodes in
the neck, armpits, stomach and groin which act as a filter, trapping
or destroying toxins that predispose us to health problems.

Lymphatic Organs: produce immune cells to fight against infections

Ever wondered why having a paper cut on your finger might lead to an armpit lump?

The lymphatic system is a sub-system between the circulatory and immune systems. It could be called the body’s’ ‘plumbing’ system. The lymphatic system has four main functions:

What Happens If My Lymphtaic System Is Clogged?


Loss of proteins

About 25-50% of blood proteins leak out of the capillaries each day and they cannot get back into capillaries without the help of the lymphatic system.


Fluid retention or edema

Your arms, legs, hands and ankles will be swollen and in some cases the face giving you that puffy face



A poor functioning lymphatic system could be the reason why you’re sick.

Diseases Associated With The Lymphatic System




We follow the anatomic lymphatic pathways of the body and focus on the lymph nodes to gets rid of toxins and excess fluids. There are several types of Lymphatic Drainage Massage that Healife offers:
Lymphoma is a broad term for cancer that starts in cells of thelymph nodes when lymphocytes change and multiply at an outof-control rate.
Many types of lymphoma exist. The main subtypes are:
Signs and symptoms of lymphoma may include:


An enlarged spleen typically causes no signs or symptoms, but sometimes it causes:


Castleman disease is a rare group of inflammatory disorders caused by lymph node enlargement and results in multiple organ dysfunction.
Castleman disease happens in one of two ways.

Why Do You need A Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Our heart acts as a pump or motor engine to transport blood around the body. The lymphatic system, on the other hand, doesn’t have a pump and passively travels in one direction, towards the heart. Exercise can help move the lymphatic system as the contraction of muscles ensures that the lymph fluid remains moving in one direction. However, your lymphatic system needs some help every now and then, even if you are healthy.

How Does It Work?

Phase 1: Health Assessment

Meeting the therapist to find out more about
your condition

You will complete case assessment on your health condition and history of the illness if any.
Planing the process

Our health practitioner will then plan with your individual need to tackle all your problems and to avoid any contraindications.

Your practitioner may have you do simple deep breathing exercises prior to your massage to stimulate your lymphatic system and prepare your lymph nodes to bring in more fluid. 

Phase 2: Detoxification

Deciding The Right Approach
We follow the anatomic lymphatic pathways of the body and focus on the lymph nodes to gets rid of toxins and excess fluids. There are several types of Lymphatic Drainage Massage that Healife offers:

Phase 3: Maintenance

After Procedure 

Your therapist will advice you  to rest for a bit before heading home after your massage.

There will be frequent urinations and bowel movements. That is okay. This way, body toxins and wastes will be flushed out and then you will finally get rid with all those harmful elements that cause diseases and other illnesses. Also, although it is really tempting to eat a lot, you have to mind what and how much you eat.

Eat healthy foods and limit your intake with all those fatty and greasy favorite of yours because most of the times these are the culprits of the sufferings experienced by your own body.

Why Us ?

Why People
Choose Us

Patient Centered Approach

Our integrated approach is the synergy between eastern healing therapy and western cutting - edge science .


Reasonable & transparent prices with no compromise on quality & no hidden charges


Professionally trained , experienced and friendly staffs who specialises in treating the root cause


We create the experience of holistic health through breakthrough technologies that deliver effective, measurable results .


Our trained practitioners safely applies the probes to all our clients. We are highly trained in both our medical and alternative fields. Healife practices alternative medicine at the highest of standards, where it should belong. Patients will first be screened to ensure all contraindications are followed to avoid any risks/ side effects.


High levels of health and hygiene is practiced. All treatment materials are sterile and new before use for each and every single session. All materials disposables are disposed after each and every single session.

Not painful :

Our highly trained consultants follows WHO standards. You may feel a tolerable ticklish, light scratching or mild soreness. However, you will not feel any sudden, sharp or extreme pain.

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