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We support you to embrace a healthier and happier body with a range of treatments to support weight control and improved physique.

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Body Slimming (SlimLife ™)

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Body Slimming (SlimLife ™)

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Spot Fat Reduction

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Non Invasive Tummy Tuck

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Muscle Strengthening For Athletes

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Leg toning for ladies

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Non Invasive Breast Enlargement

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Natural Breast Lifting

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What Our Customers Love About us

Velove Ong

Came here for my first facial acupuncture and guasha experience and I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. My face instantly looked lifted & I had the most amazing sleep after the session. Loved the natural lighting in the room and overall ambiance. So pleasant & soothing!

Alia Azan

Today I went to Healife to treat my sciatica nerve pain, after weeks went to other clinic only give me pain killer. I can't seat and walk properly coz of this pain. After only one session i can seat and walk like before. Definitely will suggest this place to everyone. Best decision ever 💯💯

Reshad Joomun

Went there for a Hijaama. Was impressed by their professional approach, since I first contacted them by mail until I left their office. Aqeel was so helpful, he even called a taxi to take me back to the hotel. Hygiene, cleanliness. Will definitely recommend and will not hesitate to go back.

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Introducing Our Newest Machine, the


Redefine whats possible in rehab and training with this brand-new gravity-defying machine! 

Healife is offering 1 free session to any existing patient to experiment with this exciting technology!

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